7 Important Web Design Principles

When you are designing a website there are a lot of different factors to consider when attempting to make an effective website. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Phoenix, Arizona there are still a significant amount of companies that have not moved their business online. As the country becomes more and more digital, the more important it will become to showcase your business online. Below we have added a few important principles to keep in mind to ensure your site is designed properly.

1. Keep It Simple
For most development projects, the philosophy of Keep-it-simple (sometimes with an additional -stupid) should be considered throughout the project. This means keep your plans from the start detailed but simple. When you are determining the presentation of your websites information from a users perspective, think in simple terms. Ask the following questions?
- Why will people visit my website?
- What do I want to communicate to my visitors?
- What actions do I want my visitors to make upon visiting?

The design of your website should focus specifically on answering those questions. Your website design should coincide with the solutions your provide to the problem in the market place. By focusing on these core components of the business you do online, you will eliminate the fluff or unnecessary components.

2. Usability & Functionality
A lot of design companies focus on aspect of web design as it is very important. However, many of them over-complicate it. User Experience and User Interface design is the focus on a users experience and how the use and interact with a website or software. There is a lot of psychology involved in this analysis but a lot of the important components by covered by answering a few questions?
- How can I help my visitors access the information they seek as quickly and easily as possible?
- What feelings do I want to evoke in my visitors? How can I evoke those feelings?
- What image do I want to portray with my website?

If you peek inside the mind of a potential client you should try to think about how best to interact with them. By understanding how you can best satisfy the visitors needs, you can design a website that will maximize useability and interaction.

3. Relevancy
Keeping your design relevant to your industry and company culture is important. If you are a landscaping company, it's a good idea to use earth tones and use images from nature. You should also think about what sets your company apart from your competitors and how to communicate that in your web design.

4. Strong Content
Your content is what truly makes your website. Content is your method of communication to visitors. This includes pictures, images, and text. Using a strong call-to-action will prompt people to perform a specified action. Using a relevant picture to your industry combines with a descriptive image can effectively describe your services. Writing intelligent copy on your home page can communicate your company culture as well as provide pertinent information.

5. Consistent Brand
Colors, Logos, Pictures, Images. These define your company identity.
The consistency of the Coca-cola brand is apparent on their website which includes their colors and their unique quirkiness.
By making sure your brand is consistent both off and online, there is no confusion when a transaction is moved from online to offline, vice-versa.

6. Easy Contact
Make it easy for visitors to get in contact with your. Make your phone number prominent, add contact forms, your email address, and any other form of communication used by your industry. You would be amazed by how many people will move on to a new website if they can't easily find contact information.

7. Navigation
This principle can be included in the 1st and 2nd principles but is important enough to be its own. Make sure people can easily sort through the information on your website and find what they are seeking. This means add a top menu bar, a bottom menu bar, side menu bar (when necessary), and interlink inside your content. By adding links to other portions throughout your site, people can easily find pertinent information. You want them to browse through your site as soon as possible and contact you for business.

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