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Phoenix Video Production for Internet Marketing

If you want to be super competitive in your internet marketing efforts, you need to focus on two things: quality and authority. And in case you've heard it before but have no idea what that means, I'll break down a video marketing strategy that we've proven with many of our Phoenix internet marketing clients. [...]

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5 Ways Out of a Social Media Crisis

Working to brand yourself and to earn a profit online is something that comes naturally for a lot of businesses in this modern age. With so many billions of mobile devices out there and enormous social media sites like Facebook, creating a brand page and advertising to net users is just the norm. [...]

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Google Panda Update #24 Is Here

Google officially announced the twenty-fourth update of Panda via their Twitter feed on January 22nd, 2013. This update marks the first Panda data refresh of 2013 and is said to affect 1.2% of English search queries. The last Panda update occurred on December 21st, 2012 and affected approximately 1.3% of all English search queries. [...]

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7 Important Web Design Principles

When you are designing a website there are a lot of different factors to consider when attempting to make an effective website. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana and Phoenix, Arizona there are still a significant amount of companies that have not moved their business online. As the country becomes more and more digital, the more important it will become to showcase your business online. Below we have added a few important principles to keep in mind to ensure your site is designed properly. [...]

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Best Web Site Design Company in Baton Rouge Louisiana

Are you looking for the best web design company in Baton Rogue, Louisiana? In terms of the best, that depends on what you are looking for. If you are building a new website or revamping an old one there is criteria for consideration when selecting the appropriate company for your needs. The following factors should be near the top of your list during your evaluations. [...]

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Using Google Plus & Hangouts for SEO + Social Signals

Just an interesting experiment I did with Google Hangouts and Google Plus. I had been reading a lot of articles about Google plus being a "ghost town" social network and wanted to check it out for myself. Much to my surprise, its not so abandoned after all. People from all over the world are using Google Hangouts for music sessions, chatting with their school friends, general chat/talk, and for various other communication needs. [...]

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Twitter's New "Rules" & How They Might Affect Your Business

Twitter™ announced new rules this past week that left Tumblr™ employees and fans quite upset. Tumblr joins Instagram (aka Facebook™) as the two major social web properties that have gotten road blocks from Twitter. Tumblr’s “Twitter finding privileges” were revoked meaning you can’t search for your Twitter friends via Tumblr anymore but you can still share a post to Twitter. [...]

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Where you should spend your money on marketing

Where business owners should spend there money when it comes to marketing is one of the top questions we are asked. Our answer varies depending on the business as many businesses differ in their approaches, but there is a methodology to decide which marketing avenues are worthwhile. We have developed a system to help you determine the best marketing strategies. [...]

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