To Freeze or Not To Freeze?

Vitamin Cold Rush produces naturally flavored, naturally colored, vitamin enhanced, low sugar snowball and frozen drink formulas. The mission of Vitamin Cold Rush is to help people reduce their sugar intake with great tasting vitamin enhanced frozen drinks and snowballs.

Since the president of Vitamin Cold Rush was looking for a way to market these flavors as frozen pouched beverages, she hired BlueReach to get the ball rolling. With so many flavors available, our client wanted to narrow the flavors down to the most popular ones. Our client also wanted suggestions on types of product packaging and new re-branding ideas. To successfully gather the information requested, we organized, planned and conducted a focus group comprised of, 8 adults with one child between the ages of 10-18, a total of 18 participants.

The purpose of this focus group was to find out which flavors should be used when selling the Vitamin Cold Rush frozen pouches, how to market this product, who the target audience should be and if re-branding was needed. The focus group comprised of three parts. In the first part, participants tasted snowball flavors and gave their feedback on each one to the moderator. In the second part, the participants were given information on the health and nutrition facts of regular snowballs in comparison to Vitamin Cold Rush snowballs. The participants were also introduced to the pouch product and were able to taste the flavor in the pouch while sharing their thoughts and ideas. The third and last part of the focus group study was product design, logo, name and rebranding. The participants helped come up with ideas for improving the pouch product and ways the name of the company could be better in order to grab consumers’ attention.

The demographics of each participant varied, enabling us to gather enough information to present successful results to the client. After the focus group study was completed, we gathered the results and met with the client to present her with the findings report. From the findings, the client knows what worked and what didn’t, what changes to make, and it able to move forward in selling the product on store shelves.

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