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Throw away the phone book, we're all about local search.

Google Place pages are optimized business listings, with the goal being to drive inquiries to your business.

Why does your business need a Google Places page?

According to comScore's Search Query Report, Google sites were ranked first among search engines in April of 2011 with more than 11.6 billion searches conducted. Google has stated that 20% of the searches conducted through their engine are related to a location; that's 2.3 billion local searches in a month.

You can see below a screen shot of the Google Local Places search results. They are ranks by letter from A-G and use a special algorithm separate from the standard search results to determine rank. You will see on the right of the results a map, that places each place's marker. The blue markers indicate paid-for results that are above or to the right of the standard local results.

You can click the map on the page for more detail of the place results.
local place page results

Often times Google places is more important than standard search results because the impact they have on the searches. Especially from mobile phones, the local results are tied directly into mobile search. Some companies pair this with local optimization but they are quite different.

If you want to learn more about local results and standard search results and know which is right for you, feel free to give us a call.

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