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Social media is a soft selling channel. Let us show you how to use it.

According to author Jason Falls, Social Media Marketing can provide your business with one or more of the following perks. Hint: If it's not on this list, don't let a firm &"promise" you they can do it.

  1. Enhance branding and awareness
  2. Protect brand reputation
  3. Enhance public relations
  4. Build community
  5. Enhance customer service
  6. Facilitate research and development
  7. Drive leads and sales

Our background in Social Media Marketing enables us to continue developing campaigns that will ensure your business is promoted in a way that doesn't annoy or offend other users and gets your message across to the right audience.

We use systematic and proven methods to maximize your online branding and marketing efforts. Our strategies further solidify already-established brands in the offline world into brands that are known across all forms of media, both traditional and social.

How can I measure the benefits of Social Media Marketing?

  • Which tweets reached the most people?
  • Which demographics are viewing your Facebook page the most?
  • How could a YouTube channel strengthen your customers' loyalty to your brand?

We use industry-approved analysis tools to see what's working and what isn't. Our goal is to enhance your online image and put your brand directly in front of current and potential customers. This process allows us to get the most out of your social media presence.

For example, we know that Pinterest users are well-off financially and 68% of them are women. How could knowing this information help a local bakery drive more retail traffic? These are the problems and answers we define and answer every day.

What Social Media Marketing services can I expect Bluereach to provide?

  • Discovery meetings with your team to determine needs, goals and opportunities
  • Researching competitors with successful online marketing campaigns
  • Creation/Revamp of core Social Media Platforms (Facebook & Twitter)
  • Creation/Revamp of secondary Social Media Platforms (YouTube, Foursquare, LinkedIn)
  • User Acquisition & creating a strategy to steadily acquire new fans. This is very important!
  • Content Strategy & creating a 3 month content strategy centered around fan engagement
  • Populating core Social Media Platforms with stimulating & informative content to complete profile
  • Originating ideas & concepts for Giveaways/Specials/Events/Contests/Surveys
  • Hiring of key SMM employees for your company
  • Emergency Reputation Management
  • Strategy, Tools & Content Consulting
  • Measuring new users, clicks, mentions of the brand, unsubscribes, shares, etc.

What if you need something more than that? Say, something custom?

We shine when it comes to developing unique social media strategies for our clients to cultivate loyal fan bases across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Starting with our widely followed @BRsocialmedia twitter account and our frequently updated Facebook page, we practice what we preach. Our social media management packages take ALL of the worries out of your hands and puts them into ours. We manage the complete online reputation of your business from market research to content posting to reputation management and reporting.

We understand that projections need to be hit and sales need to be closed, and all of this needs to happen in a timely manner. You do not need to spend your valuable time in this arena, as our team can manage this aspect of marketing your business. Our Service Plan is a monthly subscription to social media services catered directly to your target customers. With this plan, Bluereach becomes your social media marketing, bringing with us every tool necessary to make your campaign a success.

Still have questions, or ready to get started? Get in touch with us and let's start planning.

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