Content Management Systems

We build solutions that maintainable with little technical know-how.

We are well versed in all Content Management Systems and have experience building custom applications to bring them to their full potential. For our clients, web presence is built upon a strong foundation like a CMS. CMS’s are dynamic, extendable, and user-friendly. They reduce your upfront costs and have zero licensing fees. Using a CMS allows us to build great, well-rounded websites, and our clients to easily manage it when we are done.

Imagine your website as a vehicle, a content management system is the V8 under the hood. Even if your car has a great exterior, it won’t perform if you don’t back it up with a powerful engine. Most CMS’s are built to allow great custom design work as well, which just adds to the reasons why we build websites this way.

There are many choices when it comes to picking a CMS. Each has its own strengths. We fully evaluate our clients’ needs and accordingly choose the best option.

The systems you can consider for developing your website are as follow:


  • The site will need to be coded in dreamweaver or another HTML editor and requires a significant degree of web knowledge to make changes.
  • Easy to create a site this way
  • Difficult to make changes and you need to work out of the FTP
  • Very difficult to add additional features to the site


  • To use wordpress you will need to install it on your hosting account which can be very easy or very difficult depending on the server set-up
  • More difficult to create a website unless using an existing template
  • Very easy to make changes to the site & most clients can make the changes themselves using the built-in text editor (works like Microsoft Word)
  • Easy to add additional features to the site


  • This cms is very similar to wordpress but geared toward the most advanced user
  • Difficult to create sites but easy to modify them
  • You can add additional features and extend Joomla similar to WordPress if you are dealing with user functionality


  • Drupal is a CMS just like Joomla and WordPress but it is much closer to core PHP than the former. Drupal has vast extendability
  • Drupal requires high level of expertise to modify
  • The system is built for adding additional custom features much easier than WordPress and Joomla
    Requires a lot of user training to modify the website

.NET/Advanced Languages/Custom Site building (Core PHP)

  • Advanced programming languages and custom site building is for when you need completely custom functionality that is either revolutionary or specific to business processes.
  • Traditionally, we suggest finding existing scripts with the custom features you need in a website and work from there.
  • If you have a very large website that is not content driven and you have a lot of custom features as well as need for future unknown extendability, then we recommend using advanced software to build the site.

These are generalities about each system and before making a decision on which you want to choose, consult with us. You can contact us if you are considering developing with a specific platform.

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