Sprout Social vs. HootSuite

"Tools for SEO, specifically those built for content management, are going to be the future of effective search marketing." - Tom Geoco, Phoenix, AZ Freelancer & Digital Marketer

Sprout Social does a great job with providing statistics that are readily available to view. Here are a few pros and cons of Sprout Social, in my opinion. Pros: they offer audience demographics, your overall impressions on Twitter, and a review of your engagement and influence. I like that I can see who my targeted audience is with the audience demographics. The audience demographic also provides the gender and age group that my tweets are normally read by. Another pro of Sprout Social is that I can compare businesses’ competitors and see which of their followers are considered influential.

The only con I would say is that you must pay for an account to use this manager; they do not offer a free account other than the 30-day trial.

If you compare Sprout Social with HootSuite, you’ll notice that HootSuite doesn’t offer as much with the statistics and ow.ly stats, however, they do a great job of providing statistics and what posts are popular with clicks. To me, HootSuite is also easier to understand. Also, you can monitor more accounts with HootSuite than Sprout Social.

I think both Sprout Social and HootSuite are great social media management tools. And while I prefer HootSuite, users should try out both management tools to find which one better fits their business’ purpose.

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